The Canadian Wilderness Artist Residency aims to reduce the cost barrier as much as possible, particularly in relation to the additional cost of travel. For 2019, $1500 has been made available to offset the cost of airfare to and from Whitehorse, which will be distributed between 2 selected artists based on the eligibility criteria below. This bursary is only available to accepted 2018 artists. Please apply only after you receive acceptance confirmation.

Eligibility criteria. Artist must:

  • Be accepted into the 2019 residency program.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Demonstrate in writing their readiness and interest in producing art work from their residency experience.
  • Indicate their place of residence and the airport with which they intent to depart from en route to Whitehorse.

Completed travel bursary application must be submitted by Friday April, 20th 2018.